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  Latest News - August 2020
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Dear Parents and Guardians

As we approach the start of term, in this ever-changing situation we will do our best to keep you informed about BOSCA.

What we know
The Scottish Government has decided that all pupils are to return to school by Tuesday 18th August at the very latest. We await confirmation as to when pupils will return at Broomhill, if a soft start is implemented before the 18th Bosca will accommodate families on their assigned original group A/group B as previously discussed under the blended learning model. As of Tuesday, 18th all children will be expected on their original (pre covid) booked days.

As a result of the most recent guidance for childcare providers of school aged children the advice is that children should be divided into cohorts of around 30 children. We aim to do this with peer groups, for example this may mean children in Primary 3 and Primary 6 are in the same cohort. Within this group they will be able to access our outdoor space however the indoor space will be limited to one area. Investment has been made to ensure our Bosca resources are evenly distributed as much as possible. We will do our best to keep these groups consistent for the health and wellbeing of the Bosca children and staff team. Our ratio of one adult to ten children will remain in place and we will ensure we have surplus staff to support any additional requirements that present.

Bosca snack will be provided in the indoor space for each group of children. As children are being asked not to bring items from home other than essentials, we will be providing disposable bowls for cereal and whole pieces of fruit in the meantime. Please explain to your child that they should keep their toys and special items at home.

We have continued to be reactive to all decisions made by the Scottish Government and Department of Education, in line with current guidance we are supporting their protocol to ensure that the number of parents and visitors entering the school building is kept to an absolute minimum for the safety of the children, Broomhill team, and Bosca staff. As a result of this collection of your child will change. When arriving at the school entrance we would ask you buzz the janitor’s buzzer to alert the Bosca staff that you are here to collect your child. Please do not enter the building, the “door staff” will call for your child and bring them through the double doors and will sign out on your behalf. It is vital we have up to date records to allow pick up from extended family, childminders and friends. (please see Registration) If you require to speak to myself or Susan we are more than happy to accommodate this outdoors, by email, or by phone.

Surfaces and regularly touched areas/resources are wiped down and hand held devices are disinfected after each use. Great thought has been given to how we can support the children on their return as the children’s choice and freedom to play will be impacted as a result of the cohort guidance. During critical child care provision the children designed posters to promote hand washing, social distancing and carried out some experiments to understand how germs are spread. We hope that this visual guidance will help to reinforce the children’s understanding of the importance of hand washing and social distancing requirements.

We have also had the Bosca store, Bosca room and toys deep cleaned with a touch-less disinfection solution. This product disinfects the toys, air and all surfaces it come in contact with. Our toys and resources will be spilt to support the children in each cohort and will be regularly cleaned by the Bosca staff in between these deep cleans.

In additional to this we have continued to use our resources from GLOW TEC This consists of a hand lotion that the children rub into their hands, they then put their hands under the UV light which allows the children to see the lotion on their hands glow. The children then wash and dry their hands as normal and place them back under the UV light, any areas that glow are not clean. The children have to repeat this until no more lotion can be seen under the light. This is always a fun activity and the children challenge each other to see who can remove the glow after just one wash. The aim is to encourage and promote efficient hand washing and drying.

A statement showing your account details will be issued at the start of term. Please check this is in accordance with your records and all payments made have been referenced correctly. Please ensure your standing order or voucher payment is in place to reach our account in August and all subsequent payments reach the account by the 7th of the month. Now more than ever Bosca is reliant on your prompt payment, this ensures we can continue to provide our families with a high-quality service.

Registration forms have been circulated to those who have attended critical care provision and to families who have been using playscheme since the 15th July. If you are able to collect a Registration form please do so on Thursday 6th August any time between 9-5.30pm or any afternoon from 3-6pm from Wednesday 12th August onwards.

Morning Bosca
I have a Zoom meeting scheduled with the church officials on Friday to discuss morning Bosca continuing under the current restriction that are still in place. We have up to date risk assessments for our use of the church and all staff have completed additional Coronavirus awareness training. We will update our families regarding morning Bosca as soon as we have more information.

Staff Update
Our staff team, led by Susan have been supporting Bosca throughout this past 5 months. Whilst the decision had been made to furlough some of the staff a small team have continued to provide critical childcare provision and playscheme care.

All of our team will be un-furloughed on Monday and we are looking forward to having everyone back together. We also welcome Lucy to our team. Staff have undertaken coronavirus awareness training and will attend a Bosca in-service day to be updated on protocol and procedures ahead of school returning.

We have also taken part in training that raises awareness of children’s mental health and psychological first aid and the impact it may have as a result of Covid-19. These webinars were hosted by Children in Scotland and charted clinical psychologist Dr Jenny Low. Both sessions gave guidance and advice with regards to the transition back to school and how parents and childcare providers could support an anxious child. The World Health Organisation has also produced materials to support parent, carers and childcare providers who are caring for children who may be unsure about returning to school. We are going to be sharing this with our staff team and signposting parents to some resources via twitter over the next few days.

We will continue to update you with the latest information as we receive it and any changes that need to be made between now and when the children return. Please follow us on twitter for the latest information and check our website for regular updates. The Bosca team and I are really looking forward to welcoming all our families back to Bosca.

Kind regards
Beverly Anderson 

Broomhill Out of School Care Association
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BOSCA 07815 007 657
    Broomhill Primary School
57 Edgehill Road, Glasgow G11 7HZ
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