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  Latest News - March 2021
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Dear Parents and Carers

What's Happening

Return of all school pupils March 2021

The First Minister has confirmed that the return for all primary school pupils looks set to go ahead on Monday 15th March. It has also been confirmed that formal childcare for primary school pupils can resume. SOSCN

Bosca will be able to accommodate all children for their afternoon session, the children will return to their year group cohort. Each cohort will be required to social distance from their peer group leaders and from all other year groups even outside.

The service will continue to follow the procedures already in place to minimise the spread of infection. We are waiting on a delivery of Lateral Flow Testing Kits from the Scottish Government which will enable the staff to test twice weekly.

Morning Bosca

Morning Bosca will not resume straight away, the proposed return for morning Bosca at Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church will be Monday 19th April, this will be confirmed nearer the time.

Spring Playscheme

We have had no specific guidance with regards to playscheme provision however as things currently stand we will be able to provide care to our Bosca families and would not be restricted to the children of key workers.

In our past experience booking daily under the restrictions has meant that children were not always able to join friendship groups because the number of children in each cohort is limited. In the best interest of the children and to be able to allow them to be around their friends and peers we are asking families to commit to booking a weekly playscheme place.

This will allow the cohorts to be carefully considered and reduce the risk for the staff team and Bosca families by limiting the number of children mixing across the week.

Further details on how to book a playscheme place will be sent out when we are back on the 15th.

We will continue to update you with the latest information as we receive it. Please follow us on Twitter for the latest information. The Bosca team and I are really looking forward to welcoming all our families back to Bosca.

BOSCA 07815 007 657
    Broomhill Primary School
57 Edgehill Road, Glasgow G11 7HZ
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