BOSCA, Broomhill Out of School Care Assocation, Glasgow
BOSCA 07815 007 657
Broomhill Primary School
57 Edgehill Road, Glasgow G11 7HZ
Opening hours term time
8am - 9am & 3pm - 6pm

School holidays and in-service days
8.30am - 5.45pm

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Waiting List
If you would like to apply to have your child put on the waiting list then please fill out the form below. Please check it carefully to make sure all fields are filled out correctly before submitting.

Please be aware it is very unlikely any names added to the waiting list from February 2018 onwards will get a place for school starting in August 2020. The service allocates spaces from the waiting list based on each individual day. At present Bosca is registered for 100 children each day and the service is at capacity.

We are exploring all options to alleviate the waiting list and the service hopes we can find a solution to allow Bosca to accommodate more children in the future. Bosca will be in touch as soon as spaces become available. Prior to your child being offered a place you will receive a letter asking for you to confirm what days they still require.

Please indicate below the days and times required:

8am - 9am

3pm - 6pm

Please note each individual day has its own waiting list and days are allocated as and when they become available.
BOSCA 07815 007 657
    Broomhill Primary School
57 Edgehill Road, Glasgow G11 7HZ
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