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  August introduced an even bigger BOSCA. The Care Inspectorate significantly
increased our numbers allowing us to welcome over thirty new BOSCA children.
The number of staff has increased as well and we will post staff profiles when
recruitment is complete.

We have also increased our fees and you should have received a copy of these
along with next year’s holiday dates.

Please ensure your child’s name is on all their belongings as this helps lost items
make their way back to you.

We sent our best wishes to Susan who had a baby girl, Ailidh April on the 4th July.
Both are doing well and Bethany is a very proud big sister.

The BOSCA AGM takes place on September 17th at 7pm in the modular
classrooms on Randolph Road at the annexe site. All are welcome. BOSCA is a
not for profit organisation that depends on their parent board for their continued
success. The parent board aim to represent parents and carers of BOSCA
children and any parent wishing to join just has to volunteer. We have a few
places to fill this year so if you are interested please speak to me or Gemma.
The board usually meets four or five times a year and any parent is welcome to
raise an issue, make a comment or ask a question at these meetings. Dates of
these meetings will be posted in advance.

Thank you again to all our families who baked, bought and ate their way to enable
us to purchase a defibrillator for the school. This has been slightly delayed with
the change of headteacher but we now have approval from Mrs Cameron and the
education department and with the help and advice of parents who know we will
soon have this bought.
A defibrillator is used in addition to CPR to restore rhythm to the heart when an
individual has suffered a cardiac arrest. It is an electronic device that administers
an electric shock of a pre-set voltage to the heart through the chest wall. Out of
hospital survival rate following a cardiac arrest is below 10%, where early
defibrillation is given by an automated external device the survival rate rise above
50%. Ours will be suitable for children and adults.

We had another great summer playscheme this year thanks to enthusiastic staff,
fun children and fabulous weather. We are keen to get your and your child’s
feedback as this helps us plan for the future so please let us know. Booking
forms will be available soon for the October week, this also includes the
in-service day on Friday 12th

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BOSCA 07815 007 657
    Broomhill Primary School
57 Edgehill Road, Glasgow G11 7HZ
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